A good neighbour is a dog on the street who says that he is a conscience of the state of the world.


I'm watching this words, I'm thinking they stretch the fair
I'm listening now, The data throw to him for the breath
I'm playing beyond their dream, I'm dreaming to learn.


A good neighbour

Variation on a theme for a design culture workshop. The verses are generated by a RNN trained on British poetry. A good neighbour is left out of sight, and in the next room he steps his face like a ghost’s skin. A good neighbour is a good song: The last of my mother is a dream of flesh and all is a bird that makes me think that the w…

Guillaume MassolGuillaume Massol

12 Objects - KP II

Assemble, combine, compile, translate 12 discerned and randomly gathered objects by one of your peers into a single rigorous and comprehensive narrative This is a brief for a short project we worked on. It was my first attempt to experiment with ML. The project is broken down in 3 'small' experiments: 01 - Objects-Viewer 02 - Image “Paint…

Guillaume MassolGuillaume Massol

Music generation with torch-rnn

Experiments in music creation using RNN. The "classic" technic to generate music with a RNN is to aggregate songs in ABC notations and train a model on those. Since ABC notation is "just" a succession of letters and symbols we can get a lot of musical data in a text file weighting only a few Mb. This allow us to quickly train some model…

Guillaume MassolGuillaume Massol